Traversa Solutions and HP Pro Curve

Traversa Solutions is a professional services firm specializing in networking and networking security solution integration for multi-vendor environments. We offer a broad range of services specifically designed to help HP ProCurve Resellers provide new solutions to customers while providing operational investment relief. The Traversa engagement process is a proven model that allows HP ProCurve Resellers to maintain customer ownership and provide solutions outside their existing engineering skill set. All engagements are based on a customized project plan that outlines the project and Traversa’s role based on the agreed upon project plan.

Key benefits for using Traversa Solutions are:

  • Improve sales confidence in emerging solutions by eliminating the “First Installation” concern.
  • Mitigate initial operational dollar risks while enabling healthier margins by utilizing experienced personnel
  • Maximize customer share of wallet while limiting competitive pressures
  • Augment resource skills to provide seamless solution delivery

The Traversa Solutions team is compromised of experienced network engineers who have on average ten to fifteen years experience with multi-vendor platforms. In addition, this team has an average of seven to eight years of experience dealing directly with integrating HP ProCurve networking products into multi-vendor environments. To date, Traversa has installed thousands of HP ProCurve devices into a wide variety of customer environments.

Traversa Solutions offerings are available to US and Canada based HP ProCurve Resellers.

HP ProCurve Alliance Reseller Offerings

Traversa Solutions portfolio of professional services for network and network security products are designed to augment and/or enhance the skills and knowledge found within the HP ProCurve Reseller organization for networking and networking security products. Our customized services are broken down into four main categories.  HP ProCurve Resellers may require services within one category or all four categories depending upon the specific needs. The four main categories of service are:

  • Pre-Sales support -- Activities include working with HP ProCurve Resellers in the identification and positioning of potential product offerings to meet the customer’s technology needs.
  • Solution Assessment – Work with HP ProCurve Resellers to assess customer’s network environment and solution drivers to determine appropriate product and services to deliver. 
  • Deployment Services – Assist with the planning and deployment of advanced network technologies. This can include full project or limited project roles.
  • Knowledge Transfer – Provide the tools and knowledge necessary to manage the customer’s environment and maximize customer satisfaction.

Traversa Solutions services are available for a wide variety of deployment opportunities. Such as ProCurve LAN, WLAN, and WAN; ProCurve Network Management including ProCurve Manager and Mobility Manager; Network Security Applications including Identity Driven Management, Network Immunity Manager, and Threat Management Services Modules; ProCurve One Services Module / Partners such as Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP), Fortinet, McAfee, Sonicwall, Sourcefire, Vantronix; Replicated Site and Large Scale Deployments; all within a multi-vendor integration environment.
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